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By guest, Nov 3 2015 11:50PM

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Apr 16 2016 09:01PM by Debi Becker

Would be nice if you add a Hawaiian Pizza as one of your specialty pizza menu. We sure do miss having those since moving to this area.

Apr 18 2016 08:13PM by Joe Jacobbi

Debi Baker- while the Hawaiian pizza isn't on the menu, we do have all ingredients to make it. If you ask for a Hawaiian pizza, we will make you one!

Dec 15 2016 01:10AM by Dawn M LaBella

Buffalo Chicken dip........OMG, awesome!!!! You have to try it.

Dec 31 2016 08:18PM by John Nitterauer

I was a fan of your 12" sub. I just finished my latest and am disappointed. It was not toasted - the bread now is doughy. I asked for lite mayo and got two packets of mayo rather than it be squirted on. Is this a permanent change or just today's screw up? Please respond..

Jun 12 2017 11:36PM by Mark Kulaga

We usually order the BBQ Wings and they're amazing but once in a great while like tonight we get them and it's like eating chicken jerky. Not good. Really bad. Why is that?

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